Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Chair

 In Service Opportunities
  • Form and maintain an active CMIC CPC Committee made up of members of Alcoholics Anonymous in the communities served by the CMIC.
  • Cooperate with PI Chair in areas of mutual interest.
  • Use CPC Workbook, available through, and other relevant materials to develop plans and activities to effectively inform professionals about what A.A. is and is not.
  • Establish contact and offer A.A. services/information via letter, e-mail, or phone with professionals whose clients/patients may have problems with alcohol, including but not limited to areas of criminal justice, social work, medicine, education, elder care, and alcoholism rehabilitation.
  • Participate in professional conferences through staffing an informational exhibit about A.A.
  • Make contact with G.S.O. CPC Assignment Desk to receive helpful news and updates, subscribe to PI/CPC News Exchange, and connect with Area 03 CPC Coordinator.
  • Review video resources available for presentations @ www.aaorg.
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