Maps to Locations

(BR) 690 Bell Rock Blvd. MAP
(UMC) United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall, 110 Indian Cliffs Rd MAP
(SW) Sedona Winds, 405 Jacks Canyon Rd. MAP

Meeting Type Legend:
BB—Big Book Discussion, CC—Closed, D—Discussion, G—Gay, H—Wheelchair Accessible, M—Men’s, N—Newcomer’s, O—Open to All, PL—Pot Luck, S—Speaker, SIS—Seniors in Sobriety, T—Step Study, W—Women’s, Y—Young People’s, SP—Reuniónes en Español

7:15 AMPlaceholders Group - HOD (BR)
6:00 PM12 & 12 Step Study - HOT (UMC)

7:15 AMPlaceholders Group - HOD (BR)
6:00 PMBy the Big Book - SHOD (SW)

7:15 AMPlaceholders Group - HOD 690 (BR)

7:15 AMPlaceholders Group - HOD (BR)
10:30 AMSeniors in Sobriety - HOD (SW)
6:00 PMLiving Sober - HOD (UMC)

7:15 AMPlaceholders Group - HOD (BR)
7:00 PMBig Book Study - OBB (BR)

8:00 AMBarflies Group HOD - (UMC)

6:00 PMHappy, Joyous and Free Group - HOD (SW)

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